Ms. Yvonne Wong has been doing counseling work for more than 10 years. She has gained a bachelor degree in Social Work since 1992. For all these years, she continuously developed herself in different counseling approaches. She is a master practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming and has attended workshops and attained skills used in the Satir Model of Family Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Family Therapy. She got her Master in Education (Counseling & Guidance) in 2001. During her study, she based deeply her counseling belief on the person-centered approach and the Solution-Focused Brief Family Therapy in Counseling.

Having received a bi-weekly intensive training by Dr. Garry Landreth, who is very famous in the person-centered play therapy, Yvonne is deeply touched and believed in the power of listening in helping a client. Her role as a counselor is to listen and to give the necessary support so that clients will come to a real realization of their own problems, or the “Ah-ha” moment. Clients will be able to set a clear and positive goal for themselves and found their own best solutions.

Counselor: Ms. Wong Ho Hing,Yvonne

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