Hearing Aids Dehumidifier

Automatic dehumidification and /or bactericidal operation. Built-in UV light that kills bacteria. Portable and light weight; supplied with a 100 V-240V, 50/60 Hz switching power supply for international use. 2/4/8 hours selectable timer operation; automatic shut-down at the end of timer cycle.


The zinc air battery provides stable electric current which can maintain relatively long maximum performance time of the hearing aid. The sealing label covering the battery needs to be removed just before use. Unused batteries should be placed in dry places. The size of batteries used is depending on the style of hearing aid. Four sizes of hearing aid batteries: 10/312/13/675


It removes excess water inside the earmould tubing. To remove excess water, detach the earmould from the hearing aid. Place the tip of the bellow to one end of the tubing and then press to remove excess water. The earmould and the hearing aids are attached back when finished.

Battery Tester

It is capable of checking the power of the battery. To test the battery levels, insert the battery into the gap. If the light is bright, that means the battery is good. Otherwise, the battery needs to be discarded.

Despurat Spray

The spray is used for the external cleaning of hearing aids and earmould. To clean the shell or earmould, spray the solution on tissue paper and then wipe off.

Drying Pellet

It extracts moisture in the hearing aids to ensure proper functioning. Place the pellet and hearing aids (and earmould) in a sealed box over night.

Cerumen Filter

It is a small cap mounted on the sound outlet of ITC and CIC hearing aids to prevent earwax entering into the hearing aid. The cerumen filter should be cleaned with a small brush and replaced regularly.