Assistive Listening Device

Crystone Amplified Telephone

9 photo memory buttons for one-touch speed dialing. Amplifier increases incoming voice up to 40 dB. Perfect performance on speakerphone.The advanced automatic gain control minimizes background noise. Adjustable incoming voice Tone / Volume control. Adjustable ringer tone and volume controls up to 95dB. Audio output jack for connect earphone or other hearing aid equipments.

Pocketalker Ultra

The Pocketalker Ultra makes it easier to hear in everyday situations. By reducing background noise and distance from the source – the Pocketalker rings sounds and voices directly to the ear. Ideal for one-on-one conversation, small group and television listening or conversing in a car. So relax – enjoy the sounds of life and stay connected to your world.

Shake Awake Alarm

Gradual yet powerful vibration sure to wake up even the heaviest sleeper in silence. Selectable audio and bright flasher alarm modes to suit your needs. Large, bright and easy to read screen. Timer function for added convenience. Simple yet modern design. Portable and light weight; supplied with a 100 V-240V, switching power supply for international use.